Thursday, May 22, 2014

Redwood Gun Fin

I received a template from Bill Thrailkill and all he asked is if I could make a fin that was 3/4'' thick.  Sure,  I'll give it a try.  The board he shaped had some Redwood in the stringer and he asked to find some wood to match.

The piece of wood I got is Old Growth Redwood which is the Holy Grail of reclaimed wood.  This particular piece is from a vat that was pulled apart and the wood is now saved from the dump.

First thing I did was jointed one edge and one side.  Then ran it through the thickness planer to get it into shape to be re-sawn.  Those holes are from termites.  Unenforceable consequence of old wood.  

Using the big bandsaw to cut a slice (re-saw) so I can have more wood later and not have it go to dust.

Cutting the outline

Sanded and ready for cheater coat


Fits pretty good

Birds eye view of the foil

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